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Get Your Money Right

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Time is money. Stop wasting mine.

Update: Oct 2, 2019

The hardest thing for me to manage USED to be my time. I've become a budget extraordinaire. I can find a deal on anything or figure out how to produce an income stream to fund a project. Managing money is easy to me, now (I used to be REALLY bad at it. Like the money was out of my account before it was even actually in there).

Thank God for growth. The real kind of praise.

Telling people something is 'out of my budget' has become a badge of honor for me. It reminds me that I'm well on my way to achieving goals I've set. Telling people, "Nah, I don't want to spend money on that right now" doesn't bother me in the slightest way. (If you need a list of creative ways to decline offers to spend money please feel free to email me.)

However on occasion, I do still struggle with is allowing people to steal my time. (insert crying emoji)

TIME IS MONEY. It's so cliche but it's true.

Most of my readers work for someone else. You clock in for either a set amount of time or a set salary. You may get a bonus here or there but for the most part what you make is a fixed amount set on a relatively fixed amount of time.

We don't have endless hours to just throw away so if the end goal is to build generational wealth, we have to be strategic about how we use this limited resource.

---Tremaine's 3 Step Get Wealthy Eventually Plan

1. Say NO sometimes. You need to reserve your time for things that matter. You can't do everything for everyone else all the time. It is OK to be selfish sometimes. Every waking moment doesn't have to be dedicated to getting a check but it should fulfill you in some way. Cut out the stuff that drains you.

2. Hop on the passive income wave now. You need to start making money without clocking in. There will come a point in your life where you just will not feel like working (perhaps that day has already come...) or you will not be physically able. Take care of your future self. There are a ton of ways to make it happen. Check here to see a beginner list and get started now.

3. Set goals that will help you attain wealth and use a budget that aligns with those goals. Ignore people telling you that you don't need to budget. YES, you do. Multi-billion dollar corporations follow a budget. What makes you think that you don't need one? It doesn't make you broke, it makes you smart.

Full disclosure: I'm still not as wealthy as I plan to be but I'm much better off now that I've have followed these steps.

-I say NO, often. If you know me in real life, you know I live by a schedule. If it doesn't align, I don't have time. #sorrynotsorry

-I have passive income. It is a great feeling to see direct deposit notifications after waking up from a nap! My only regret is not starting sooner.

-My goals are etched into my brain. I write them every morning. I can recite them for you with the deadlines for the next 15 years. I'll be retired by 35. How do I know, I am following a plan that tells me so! (And I pray a whole lot)

Don't waste time and don't let other people waste your time. Time is the only thing you can't get back. #GetYourMoneyRight

*If you are looking for a program to get you on your game for 2020, enroll in Get Your Money Right: Nothing Was The Same. In this course, I build upon the strategy you see above. Think link qualifies you for a discount and a discipline rebate! Move quickly though, the guided online course begins Oct 7!