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Get Your Money Right

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Shut up and BUILD

Latest Update: October 10, 2019

I don’t normally do this.

Well, that’s a lie. I’ve been known to be pretty blunt and straight to the point when giving advice that is hard to swallow. So let me give it to you like this:

What have you done in the past two months to reach your financial goals? Nothing? Complain? Make excuses for why you can't...etc.. Let me stop you right there.

Listen, you’re still broke because you spend too much time crying about being broke and not enough time working to stop being broke!

You’re not alone though. This is the harsh reality for many people. They grow accustomed to the perpetual struggle and develop an unhealthy mentality toward money. As odd as it seems, being “broke” becomes a place of familiarity and comfort that they can’t see past.

It can be really tough to shift a mindset like that but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. It very well can be done. For starters, you’ll need to get out of your own way. There are already plenty other odds stacked against you. Why add to the list of barriers?

Stop telling yourself all the things you can’t do because of what you don’t have. Start telling yourself what you are going to make happen. Shut up and build. Build your resilience, build your bank account, build your portfolio, build passive income, build any and everything that’s going to help you achieve your financial goals.

You have a decision to make. Complain and whine about your situation or put a plan into action and do something about it.

Take mental notes right now:

  • Skills inventory - what are you good at that you can monetize or further monetize?

  • Time inventory - how are you spending your time? Are there hours of mindless scrolling? (Do you have an Iphone? Check the screen time and let it tell you what you're doing all day. Prepare to be mad at yourself.It's brutally honest)

  • Income check - how many ways do you make money? (Trading time for money counts as one way. So 2-3 jobs is still only one way)

  • Environment check - who around you is living the lifestyle that you desire? Is the energy positive or draining? Does anyone read?

Do you need someone to push you? Coach Wills is here. If you need more guidance and steps to for real start securing your bag, enroll in Side Hustle Your Way to Recurring Income, a self paced online coaching program designed specifically for those of us who need a more aggressive push to keep us on track. Get the tools to build out passive income and stoop being broke.

Are you not tired of being tired yet?