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Get Your Money Right

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How to Save Money Without Even Trying

Has anybody else ever been overwhelmed by their lack of discipline when it comes to saving money?

I knew what I should have been doing but it just seemed like the money was running out my bank account back into the arms of someone it loved more. It wasn't until I started adopting some of these mindless tricks to saving money that I started to see real results.

3 ways to save money without even trying.

1. Make your employer do the work. Set up automatic deductions from your paycheck that go into a separate savings account different from where your regular pay goes. This is by far my favorite strategy. You don't even see the money leaving your paycheck (unless you check your paystub, of course). Out of sight; out of mind!

2. Get a fancy app. There are so many apps out. It legit feels like there is an app for everything! My favorite app to do this is Qapital (Use my referral code to get $5 toward your savings goal). It allows you to set rules where it will automatically transfer money from a linked account for you. The rules can be almost anything you want. Daily transfer. Weekly transfer. Save the change. You can connect it to workout goals. There are lots of ways to save. Bonus! It has built in overdraft protection to stop transfers if your bank account balance gets too low. This one is a win.

3. Put the change in the bank. An oldie but goodie. You are not using that giant blue crayon filled with coins and dollars from 7 years ago. (This was me) Put it in the bank. Don't keep change and money laying around the house as your savings strategy. It will find a way to be spent. Take it to the bank and let it make some interest.

There we have it. 3 ways to save without even trying! If you're ready to take your savings game to another level, join my free 4 day challenge geared toward taking your savings strategy to the next level!