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Get Your Money Right

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Gotta keep going

It was November in 2017 and I got a phone call to come see this vacation place. I LOVE vacations so OF COURSE I was down to go see what they were talking about.

It was a timeshare presentation. The one where they take you on a tour of the area and tell you all the wonderful facts about the area, how it has so many tourists and why it's such a great attraction. Then you go see a unit. You start to envision having family getaways in a space that looks similar to what you saw. But wait, did you know that you could have access to locations like this one in hundreds if not thousands of different locations around the word?

It's a super dope concept, right?

Maybe. But not for me. I wasn't adding another item to my budget. I went in knowing that all I wanted was my deposit back for attending and my free stays.

I used one of those free stays a few days ago last week in the Shenandoah Valley. The mountains were beautiful. I hiked some gorgeous trails, had some super delicious wine and met some awesome people. And it was worth every second I sat through that presentation but probably not for the reasons why you're thinking.

1. This was my first trip on my own.

I had spoken with a few friends and tried to organize some trips that just kept falling apart. Money wasn't right. Timing wasn't right. Whatever wasn't right. I finally decided that I was just going to go alone. I needed to stop waiting on other people to do what I wanted to do. It was scary but empowering at the same time. I was born alone! I didn't need a travel companion. You don't have to wait for people around you to make moves. If you want something bad enough, just do it!

2. I need to be selfish.

I spend a lot of time giving. For many years I've given time, energy and resources that haven't been reciprocated. I thought it was the norm to continually spend all my free time volunteering and live comfortably enough where I know my lights will be on and bills paid on time but not really living in abundance. I have investment accounts and savings and all the stuff I should have, yes but for how hard I've worked. Nah. I totally understand that we don't give to receive but if you give and keep giving until you have nothing left, then what? I don't know and I absolutely don't want to reach that point. There has to be a definite point where I draw the line and say no.

3. I didn't deserve a vacation.

The entire time I was on ''vacation" I was working. [insert face palm emoji] I was answering client questions, engaging with my audience, setting new appointments for when I returned. Why? Because I haven't reach a point in my goal where I can afford to take a break. I don't deserve multiple days off. If I'm being honest with myself, I haven't even gone as hard as I can. I'm not as close to my goals as I want to be. That was unsettling to accept but it's the truth! There is so much work to be done.

All of this brings me to my final revelation about this entire timeshare experience. The time we share with anyone or anything needs to be time well spent. It doesn't matter if you get a good price on something if the "deal" doesn't have any value. What are you getting out of the time?

Is that quality time or are you just passing time?

My vacation cost me $223.93 and 62 hours of multitasking -- attempting to enjoy alone time and appreciating the beauty in nature around me while working on realizing my vision of a world without poverty. I made a valiant effort to juggle each but who can afford to multitask on a vision like that??!?!

Not me. The next trip I take will be after I've hit a significant milestone. Paid off my student loans or helped 50 families save a 10 million dollars or something tangible that I can measure instead of just because it's this free (wasn't free. it cost me time) thing to take advantage of.

So help me EARN my next vacation. How can I help put you and your family in a better financial position? Click here to send me a quick message!

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-xo Tremaine,

Closing the wealth gap

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