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Get Your Money Right

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International Women's Day

Love it. But let's talk.

What is International Women's Day? It's a day to celebrate the achievements and strides that women have made. This year theme is " I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women's Rights"

It's amazing that still we have to fight so hard just to get equality.

Many, many moons ago, women stayed at home and relied on their husbands income to cover the bills. Men were typically in higher paying roles and when women did get jobs they were lower wage positions and could be easily justified that women didn't need to make more money since their husbands were the bread winners.

While that may have been an acceptable excuse to pay women less money back then, it's definitely not an acceptable excuse today. Women head 40% of households and often don't have a male counter part in the home. Women only make 82% of the salary that men make in the same position.

What can we do to close the gender pay gap?

Have the conversation. Advocate for yourself. When you do well in your position, ask for a raise. Many women are reluctant to ask for more money and that keeps our pay stagnant. We have to be vocal and speak up when necessary.

What strides have you taken to help close the gender pay gap?