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Get Your Money Right

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Is it a Side Hustle or a Hobby, sis?

Whew, I have the tea. I have the tea.

I can't imagine how folks DMs look who have incredibly larger followings than me! All I needed was one "this is why I don't reach out to 757 people" to take me all the way out.

Recently I had someone ask to be a speaker on my next webinar, should I choose to have one (which I absolutely will). Earlier this year, I hosted Beauty on Budget and brought together some awesome women to share tips on how to look your best without breaking the bank. I loved it. We all collaborated and benefited from the exposure to each other's audiences.

When I got this request, I asked for some clarifying details and...the story flipped so fast from can I speak on your webinar to I'm not trying to collaborate.

Huh? When I tell you that I was confused, I mean CONFUSED confused.

But ...per usual, I found a way to take this moment and find the silver lining. How can we eliminate confusion in our side hustle? Let the folks know it's real.

4 Resources to take your passion project from hobby to hustle

1. Proper Paperwork - Did anyone else start their business before they were official on paper? As you grow, larger clients will expect you to have proper documentation in place. Anticipate your growth and take care of it before you need the proof. I started with LegalZoom and spent thousands. You may want to consider IncFile. They have a much lower cost program.

2. Accounting Software - Even as a Financial Adviser who likes numbers, the accounting is above me now. I don't want to deal with that part of running a business. I just want to help other people turn their money into more money. Fresh Books is having a 50% off sale if you need a tool.

3. Online Presence - We are in a digital world. You're reading this from some sort of device connected to the web. Last year, consumers spent over 500 billion dollars online. If you don't have a place for people to checkout from their phone or computer, you're missing out on dollars. There are so many resources. Get your domain name from Name Cheap then build your site and host on Wix or Weebly. Or just put your stuff in a store like Shopify. DO SOMETHING!

4. Email Marketing - We love social media. It goes down in the DMs (hopefully better than my experience highlighted earlier) but what happens when you can't reach your customer the same? What about the next algorithm change? What if that huge following you developed jumps ship and leaves the platform a ghost town like Myspace? Collect emails and start talking to your people outside of social media. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or Get Response might be a great place to start.

Do these tips sound great but you need more guidance elevating your side hustle? Enroll in the Side Hustle Course. Get step by step instructions and videos detailing how to take your side hustle to the next level.