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Get Your Money Right

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Mind Over Money, LLC is passionate about helping the community reach financial goals and close the wealth gap. We focus on creating budgets that work, creating debt payoff strategies that don't leave you miserable, and creating additional income streams you can collect while napping. 

Who Do We Serve?

We specialize in helping individuals and families who have a heart for service. Over the years we have found that this group of people do the most for our communities but seldom have anyone helping them to navigate their finances 

  • If you have no idea about money but love people, this is for you.

  • If you spend a lot of your money on others, this is for you.

  • If you want to actually learn about how your money works, this is for you.

  • If you want a Money Coach to keep it real with you and hold you accountable, this is for you.

  • If you are serious about your financial future and legacy, this is for you.

Why You Need it?

Most people need a financial advisor because they are emotional about their money. Acting or reacting based on emotion is a quick trip to cyclical poverty. For those of us who thrive on giving back, some of our learned behaviors are pushing us steps closer to the same financial distress of the communities we intend to serve. Working with a Money Coach will help you to pull the emotion out of your finances and develop discipline. If we know anything, we know that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity. So now, you need to try something different.

What's My Story?

Tremaine comes from humble beginnings: familiar with government assistance programs, not having McDonalds money, praying for the resources to pay bills. She is no stranger to the struggle. This motivated her to learn about money so she pursued a career in the investment world. Tremaine quickly realized that the information she was learning was not easily accessible in her hometown community, the East End of Newport News. This prompted Tremaine to come back home to begin teaching financial literacy classes at the local Rec Center (Doris Miller) which then birthed her commitment to close the wealth gap through educating the community with Mind Ove Money, LLC. 

Like many of you reading this except, she is passionate about helping the community but noticed a pattern among those in service spaces. The same individuals who continuously give and give and give are often in financial distress. Their hearts are bigger than their wallets and bank accounts. They haven't mastered how to give without going broke. This causes additional stress and reduces their impact. Tremaine could identify with these frustrations because that used to be her. She coaches cheer and track, sits on several boards and enjoys volunteering. More often than not each organization has fundraising needs and what do we do when we can't find people to buy raffle tickets, or doughnuts or popcorn? We eat the cost ourselves.


Tremaine is on a mission to help us learn to help others better by taking care of ourselves. Get with a Money Coach who understands your need to give and doesn't make you cut the donation line item out of your budget. Learn how to get the resources your need to do the things you need to do for your community AND grow your own assets. You can have both. 

Why Trust Me?

You shouldn't. 

The financial services industry has become a trillion dollar industry primarily off the ignorance of consumers. What I can promise you is that you will not leave Mind Over Money, LLC uneducated. Check out some of my free and low cost resources in the blog, podcast and resource libraries. Then make your judgement. 


  • Does my mission to close the wealth gap align with your values?

  • Do you want more for your community without continuously having to reach into your own pocket?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you don't have the resources to help those around you?


If those answers are yes then we are probably a good fit for one another. I'd love to connect with you and help you help others the way you've dreamed of being able to do.